New Look For American Wood Fibers Shavings

You know the shavings you have been getting from us for years from American Wood Fibers.  The kiln dried pine is absorbent, and has that great scent, and adds a touch of class to your stall?

Well the packaging is getting a facelift.  In order to remind folks that wood shavings are recycled from Moulding mills planing lumber for use in construction, they have renamed their line of kiln dried pine shavings “ECO FLAKE”.  It is still collected and screened, and bagged at the lumber mill.  The bales are still compressed to 3 cu. ft, and 4 cu. ft.

What you will notice is different is that the plastic packaging is opaque while plastic.  This will prevent the discoloring of the shavings material if stored outside.  You may also notice the material is slightly finer since the modern equipment at the lumber mills have upgraded their equipment for less waste and smaller particle size.  This is occurring across all shavings manufacturers.

The material from the modern equipment doesn’t recover as well after compression.  What that means to you is that 3.0 cu ft. compressed will expand to AT LEAST 7.5 cu.ft. and that 4.0 cu ft. compressed will expand to at least 11.0 cu ft.

We have received the new packaging in the 3.0 cu ft bales .  It is still 36 bales per pallet, the 4.0 cu. ft bales come on 28 bales per pallet.  We do offer discounts for purchases of pallet quantities.

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