Organic Items for the Dairyman available at Hunt & Behrens

Calf Feeds
• Calf Starter/grower- 16% protein, trace mineral package (80# sacks, bulk)
• HI-Pro Calf Starter 18% protein , trace mineral package (special order bulk only)
Sacked Feeds
• 14% Org. Dairy Mix- Corn, Barley, Wheat and a protein pellet with trace minerals
• Organic Alfalfa Pellets- 50# bags
• Dry Cow Pellet- A pellet with a negative DCAD for close up dry cows to be fed at 8 pounds per head per day for up to 2 weeks pre-calving.
Custom Bulk mixes
• Blends of Corn, Barley, Wheat, Wheat Millrun, Soybean Meal,and our NOP Approved Trace mineral package, to your specifications. Four ton minimums
Direct Loads
• Individual ingredients shipped directly to you in 24 ton lots. Almond Hulls, Barley, Canola Meal, Hominy, Mill Run, Rice Hulls, Soybean Meal, Wheat
Salt, Additives, Minerals
• Hi Grade Untreated Salt: Cargill – 50# sacks

• Redmond TM salt with Selenium (90 ppm) – 50 # sacks- For multiple animal species that require a high level of selenium.

• Redmond Natural TM Blocks – 44# (OMRI listed)

• Spear Six 1:1 mineral. Free choice mineral with 12% Ca and 12% P. Proteinates of Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, and Iron. Selenium and Vitamin E, along with additional macro and micro minerals.

• Pacific Nutrition Consulting Immuno-Boost – A Buffer and micro mineral feed supplement for on farm TMR mixing.

• Kelp – 50# sacks – Natural source of minerals

• Diatomaceous earth – 50# sacks – All natural insecticide.

• Redmond Conditioner – 50# sacks/ 2000 # Bulk Tote – Redmond Natural Conditioner has been shown to allow animals to better utilize their feed, resulting in increased weight gains, decreasing somatic cell count and improved over-all health.

• Sodium Bicarbonate – 50# sacks – Buffer for ruminants.

• Alltech Brand Products: All from their patented Saccromyces Cervaciae #1026: Lacto Sacc- N, BioMOS, Yea-Sacc 1026 concentrate, Integral.

• Oyster Shell Flour –Jerico brand from the San Pablo Bay, processed and bagged in Petaluma. A natural source of 36% Calcium.

• Mono,Di-Calcium Phosphate – 50# bags- a 21% phosphorus granulated mineral.

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