Vaccinating your Herd

When it comes to vaccinating your animals whether it is livestock or your pets the key is having well thought out regimen that works for you and your animals. Here at HB we carry a selection of vaccinations, listed below, which can cover most of your needs. If you need help setting up a regimen contact your local veterinarian and we can help supply all the needles, syringes, and any other tools you might need whether you are just starting or closing out the year.

Here are some links to UC Davis PDF files , to help educate and guide your vaccination plan.

Why we use Clostridials

Canine Vaccination Information

Preventing Pinkeye in Your Herd

Equine Vaccinations

Vaccinations we carry:

They are not always in stock so be sure to phone ahead and find out!


  • Marek


  • Bar Sommnus – Pasturella, Pneumonia

Modified Live Virus

  • Bovashield FP 5 + L5 (IBR, BVD, PI3) W/ lepto
  • CattleMaster 5 + L5 (IBR, BVD, PI3) W/Lepto
  • CattleMaster 4 + VL5
  • CattleMaster FP5

Inner nasal, influenza vaccination

  • Inforce 3
  • Nasalgen
  • TSV2


  • MaxiGuard
  • Pligard Triview


  • Ultra Bac 8
  • Vision 8
  • Bar Vac CD (ZVM)
  • Bar Vac CD/T (ZVM)
  • Covexin 8

Killed Virus

  • Triangle 5 (IBR, BVD, PI3)
  • Triangle 10 (IBR, BVD, PI3) W/Lepto
  • TriVib (vibulon, lepto)
  • Spirovac VL5 (lepto)
  • Lepto Ferm 5
  • Lysigin (Mastitis Prevention)


  • 9 Way (annual)
  • 5 Way (Puppy)
  • Kennel Cough Bordatella


  • Bayer Prestige 5 Way
  • FT Dodge Innovator 5 way
  • Ft Doge Pneumabort (Rhino for Pregnant mares)
  • West Nile

Multi Species

  • Barvac CD, CD/T
  • Tetnus


  • Ovine Ecthma-Sore Mouth