Rodent Control, Eradicating the issue

It seems that rodent populations are on the rise this year, with the restrictions on rodent poisons here in California and the ability of them to avoid the trap we want to make sure you have all of your options open. First you want to establish what type of eradication plan you want and second make sure you stay vigilant otherwise they will come back to raid your cupboards again. It is important not from just a health standpoint for you and your animals by keeping the rodents, but an economical one as well if they continually gobble your animals resources, your feed bill will continue to rise!


Try some of these tips as well as incorporating a rigorous extermination plan of action:

1.  Store your feed in metal containers with lids, and try to keep the area around as free from split feed as possible.

2. If you are free feeding animals, try to cover or remove feed at night when rodents are most active and your animals are least likely to be feeding. This will deter rats from entering the feed area and eating feed and potential contamination.

3. Locate where the rodents are traveling to and from, place the bait or traps in this area and make sure they are inaccessible by children and other non targets

4.Place and check your bait and traps twice a day making sure to keep a continual supply and clearing away any caught.

For more tips and product information see the links below

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