Why supplement?

Each animal’s needs are different even within species there is major variation, therefore any individual might lack something that their everyday ration might not include. Or if you just want to help boost them though molting, weight loss, or a hard winter, supplementation helps ease any of these transition. By adding adional, calories, minerals, and vitimins you can control the outcome and production of your animal that much more. Mantaining health and providing essential nutrients can help balance your animals diet, and might prevent nutritional issues down the road.

We carry water soluble supplements that can easily be added to clean sources of water or a top feed cover to mix into your animals daily ration.

The links below will direct you to a more comprehenve overview of these supplements, although we don’t carry every one of these, we do special orders if our vendor carries them and can stock the product if highly requested.

MannaPro - Nurturing Life

Manna pro, Calf Manna is one of our most popular supplements and can be used for many species for multiple reasons. check out the link to see if it right for you.

MannaPro - Goat Mineral                                          MannaPro - Calf Manna

We carry many Rooster Booster products in our poultry section, we recently added the multi-wormer and the B-12 Liquid in 32 oz. for multiple species. We also carry Animal Health Solutions probiotics for both Adults and Chicks, a soluble supplement that can be added to their daily water.
Liquid B-12 Photo

Triple Action Multi-Wormer Photo

We carry supplements for all ages and stages of horses, from a variety of vendors. If you are looking to boost the joint action, shine out their coat, put weight on, add minerals and vitimins, or calm them down we can point you to products to help you reach your needs.

Finish Line Horse Supplements                 AniMed Products

Fluid Action HA Liquid

Supplementing your animals diet can have many benefits, but finding the right one  can be hard. With research it wont take long to incorporate a program that works to you and your animal.

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