All New Grain-Free Dog Foods- And We Have Them!

You asked for it, we got it! Diamond Naturals and Taste Of The Wild came out with not one but multiple new foods for your furry family.


AppValleyStill continuing with grain-free foods, Taste of the Wild has introduced a small breed formula called Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison and Garbanzo Beans. Easily digestible venison protein and small kibble size make this formula easy on your small breed dog’s stomach and teeth. Probiotics and prebiotic fiber help support healthy digestion, while a mixture of venison, lamb, egg, duck and ocean fish proteins provide optimal amino acid nutrition. Rich in proteins and fat, this formula provides the energy that active small dogs need.

We are carrying two sizes of the Appalachian Valley Small Breed, from five pounds to fourteen pounds. As always, we strive to give you the lowest prices possible. Ranging from $9.79- $25.39 plus tax, they are a steal. You can find them in our retail store today!


They have also introduced Pine Forest Canine Formula with Venison and Legumes. Venison is a highly digestible, tasty alternative for dogs that may be sensitive to other protein sources, while the well balance of omega fatty acids, vegetables, fruits and protein sources make this a well-rounded, nutrient-packed formula.

Pine Forest Canine comes in three sizes; Five, fourteen and twenty-eight pounds. We are carrying all three sizes in our store and we have them in stock, ready-to-go.  Prices range from only $9.89- $42.39 plus tax.

Visit Taste of the Wild‘s website for more information and different products.


Diamond Naturals has introduced their first Grain-Free All Life Stages food. That means you can feed the same food to your two-year-old, seven-year-old and your thirteen-year-old (or whatever age combination) furry family. No more having to buy two or three different foods for all your pups because they are all different ages. The nutritional levels of Diamond Naturals Grain-Free formulas are specifically developed to meet all stages of your dog’s life.


Diamond Naturals Grain-Free All Life Stages in Whitefish and Sweet Potato


Diamond Naturals Grain-Free All Life Stages in Chicken and Sweet Potato

DNGF_Beef_BagFrontDiamond Naturals Grain-Free All Life Stages in Beef and Sweet Potato

Visit Diamond Naturals Grain-Free‘s website for more products and information.

Why Grain-Free?

Grains are digestible for dogs but it can be hard. The easier the digestion for your dog the more nutrients they can collect from the food. Also, many dogs have food allergies, just like us. Some of these allergies include grains that are used in dog food. This can cause hair loss, redness, bumps, itching, etc.  Not only is this not fun to endure for your pup, it could cause other serious complications later on. Not all dogs are the same, so naturally not all dogs need grain-free. Remember, always consult with your veterinarian to see what nutrients your dogs need. They can help you set up your own personal doggy-meal plan!