What’s a Tradeshow?

In our last blog post we stated that we went to a tradeshow to bring you new products. Many asked; What is a tradeshow? What do you do there? So we decided to answer that for you.

Many different distributors will hold semi-annual or annual conventions and shows to promote their current and new vendors. At these shows, retailers (that’s us!) will choose one or a couple employees to represent their company.  The representatives will then go visit and make connections with the vendors. Looking for new product to bring into the stores.

When we find a product that we think you as a consumer would love, we do some research and we are in the best spot for it. The supplier, maker and sometimes owner of the product and company will be there. This is the best opportunity to ask questions and really get to know if the product is a good fit. Most suppliers will have physical samples of the product there, so we as a buyer can hold it, test it and examine it before purchasing. This helps us make the hard decisions of what to bring into the store.

Once all of the orders are made and the vendors are talked to, we as a buyer sit back and wait on our end to receive the new goodies. While we wait, we will re-examine our placement of products and possibly move items to make room for the new ones. For our most current trade show, we made an end-cap become our showcase for all the new and exciting items.

ENDCAP 3-28-16
Only some of our new products!


We are always looking for new products to bring into the store, so if you or someone you know has a product that you think will do great, bring in a sample and talk to the gals at the retail counter! We will love to see what you guys have!

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