Rain Rot- What it is and how to treat it.

It’s officially the “rainy season”, and even though the rain is great, especially after a five year drought, it can cause some serious problems. Not only for you but for your animals as well.

One main problem is Rain Rot. Now, even though the rain itself is not the main culprit, it does help rain rot spread and essentially “grow”. Rain Rot is a bacterial infection on the skin, most commonly seen in horses. The rain obviously makes the horse wet for a prolonged period of time. This helps the bacteria grow in one of the most fertile breeding grounds. Here is a little diagram to help better understand how it grows:


To treat Rain Rot, you must remove all the bumps and scabs from the animal. Then clean the animal thoroughly. We recommend Shapely’s MTG. This product not only helps to kill the bacteria but it helps the coat regrow, healthier and stronger than ever.


After you clean your animal, dont forget to clean all your tools, brushes and even saddle pads and turnout blankets. The cleaner they are the less likelihood of re-contamination.

Rain Rot is not a fun thing to have or to treat, so the easiest way to treat it is to prevent it. Make sure that not only is your horse clean, but that he/she has a dry place to hangout. You horse will love you once you use Shapely’s MTG on them.


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