Are you on Track with your Sonoma County Market Swine?

As you track weights on your market swine for the Sonoma County Fair, see where you are on the curve with this handy chart below. Thanks to Cheryl Aguirre for making it.

hog growth chartOur Show Hog Builder comes in 80 pound sacks, and is a great value for show pigs

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The Usual Suspects: Small Strongyle

“I love horses, they’re delicious” – Encysted Small Strongyle. Enter code 35SS96 now, at

Adult small strongyles live in the large intestine, producing eggs expelled in feces. All 3 major deworming compounds kill adults. However, the worst family members are the encysted larvae that burrow into intestinal walls and contribute to poor condition. The abrupt, large emergence of larvae from the walls can cause a potentially fatal case of colic or severe diarrhea. Only two drugs can kill encysted small strongyles: a five-day larvicidal dose of fenbendazole (Safe-Guard® Power-Dose® or Panacur® Powerpac®) or moxidectin.