First Rail Shipment in over 10 years

Hunt & Behrens gets ingredients from across the nation. Much of it comes via rail. Each railcar carries as much grain as four truck and trailers.

Freight service on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad stopped in 2001 when federal transportation regulators halted service on the storm-damaged route. The NCRA spent $68 million to repair the 62-mile track between Windsor and Napa.

In June 2011, the first two railcars with grain arrived at our feed mill site.  Since then we have received over  100 carloads of ingredients, many of which are certified Organic.

The resumption of freight service has greatly reduced our carbon footprint by reducing the number of diesel trucks on the road.  Keep that in mind when you see that big engine rolling through town.

Read More about our role in freight service in this article from the Petaluma Patch.