Jokers Treats

New to Hunt &Behrens, Jokers treats is being stocked in a 5 pound resealable bag.

Joker’s Treats horse cookies were created with your horse’s health in mind following the timeless wisdom of “you are what your eat.”
Using only 100% natural human grade ingredients our cookies are slow baked in a small organic bakery in Northern California. Our slow baking process preserves nutrients, enhances flavor and aroma and creates our unique softer satisfying texture. Joker’s Treats offers a sensorial experience of smell, taste and texture that horses love. Compare Joker’s Treats with your current horse cookie and we think you’ll agree that you’ve discovered something special. Horses agree…horses LOVE these cookies!

Come give Jokers a try and give us some feedback on how they compare to your current brand.  we would love to hear.