Lik It Products

Horse owners love their horses with all their quirks and know how much they love to play. Likit made a treat line of products with that in mind. Banish boredom in the stall at home or on the road at shows with treats made to keep your horse calm and entertained. From treat bars to tongue twisters to paddock treats in a variety of flavors from raspberry to apple to butterscotch, even the most discriminating horse palate or temperament will be entertained. Refill packs from Likit make sure you can keep your horse in treats for the rest of their lives. Enjoy a wide selection of Likit products at HorseLoverZ with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So look what we have brought in for you!  We now carry Likit products, for your equine babies! Likit is an innovative and fun company designed to explore new products and ideas to improve the lives of our equine babies! We carry the Likit holder and the Likit refills. We carry a variety of refill flavors including apple, molasses, carrot, and mint!! Come check it out before they are all gone!

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