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New to us, just for you! We have a variety of products now available, selected at the recent tradeshow we attended.

Here are the highlights on some of our favorites.


lixit-waterboy-travel-water-bowlWater Boy Portable Water Bowl: This no-spill water bowl hold three quarts of water to help your pet’s thirst. It’s a great product for anyone who likes to take their companions on-the-go with them.






Himalayan Rock Salt on a Rope: Ranging from 2LBS to 12LBS, the 100% all natural salt rock is perfect for any size horse, big or small. An added bonus, these rocks are weather resistant. So no need to worry about your salt disintegrating in those spring showers.






Banixx:  A first aid product that has been used successfully for wound care, skin and hoof infections on horses, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, parrots, falcons, llamas, ferrets, alpacas, show cows, sheep, pigs, reptiles and even a one-month old foal. This product has no smell, no steroids and no antibiotics in it’s formula, making it safe for almost everyone.



meal baitTomcat Meal Bait: A new way of “feeding” those pests we all love to hate. It’s new design attracts those pesky critters, by looking like tasty oats and barley grains. Also, those anticoagulant resistant rats an mice wont stand a chance against this formula.



Hoof Health: How to spot and treat Hoof Rot and Thrush



All livestock with hooves are prone to acquiring this bacterial infection, especially during periods of high moisture or humidity. It is a bacterium that spreads due to lack of oxygen and can have damaging effects on the animal’s feet/health. Hoof rot is caused by the softening and thinning of the inter-digital skin by puncture wounds or continuous exposure to wet conditions, which provides an entry point for infectious agents and bacteria.

Preventative Measures:

  • Waiting to introduce new animals into the herd
  • Manure free areas or dry footing
  • Hoof checks/trims when needed


The Signs:

  • Lameness
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Swelling of the foot
  • Separation of the skin
  • Ulcers, abscesses, abrasion, fractures and inflammation
  • Swollen around hoof with red irritated area

The Treatment:

Clean the areas to be certain lameness is actually due to foot rot, and use a topical treatment on the affected area. Consult a vet for severe cases and proper treatment/diagnosis.

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Thrush is an infection of the central and lateral clefts of the frog of a horses hoof. It is often bacterial and occasionally a fungal infection. This can be an easy fix if caught early, but can cause major damage to the animal if not treated.


More information on thrush

The Signs:

  • Lameness
  • Soft hoof wall
  • Foul smelling, black discharge in the frog of the hoofthrush_2


  • Clean the hoof regularly.
  • Keep the hoof dry.
  • Apply thrush treatment as recommended by your vet.

Preventative Measures:

  • Clean the hoof regularly
  • Dry footing/bedding and clean housing maintenance
  • Regular farrier visits



Vetericyn for Eyes

The spring and early summer is a time of year when eye problems seem to increase in pets and livestock. Foreign objects such as seeds, awns, burrs, and chaff combined with face fly hatching can cause Conjunctivitis, infection and irritation. Vetericyn has a whole line of eye specific products. The two products that Hunt & Behrens keeps in stock are the Pink Eye Spray, and Ophthalmic ointment.

Pink eye spray Reduces:

  • Redness and Irritation
  • Discharge and drainage
  • Pain and Swelling
  • Indicated for Prevention and control of outbreak conditions
Vetericyn® Pink Eye Spray is an innovative topical
solution for irritated eyes that provides relief from burning,
stinging, itching, pollutants and other foreign materials.
Use to cleanse and soothe eyes from the effects of pink
eye. This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is
non-toxic. Vetericyn® Pink Eye Spray is manufactured
within an appropriate physiological pH range so it will
not sting when applied. This product, in solution, kills
99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores including
E.coli, Staph (MRSA), Strep, Moraxella bovis, Pasteurella,
Actinomyces and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Tests free
for competitive animals.

Vetericyn All Animal Ophthalmic Gel 2 oz Hydrogel Drops

Use to clean and relieve eyes affected by burning, stinging, itching, pollutants, contaminants, wounds, infections and irritations.

Below is a case study addressing eye infections in dairy calves and a testimonial from a Beef Cattle producer.

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